Sunday, August 12, 2007

Most Underrated Game (or game you probably never heard) of the Every Other Week Award

       I was at gamestop for my birthday buying some stuff a few years ago when i noticed i only had $10 left, i looked for some game worth that much and I didn't even care if it sucked or not (because I had bought the crouching tiger hidden dragon game, not knowing how bad it sucked and it set me back $15 or so dollars). I saw this game called New Legends and it looked pretty cool, to my suprise it was only $7! This is when I started having second thoughts, but I bought it anyways. Needless to say, this game exceeded my standards. In the game you play as a prince who's father's palace is ambushed and he is killed by the invading army, leading you on a quest for revenge. You can equip a seamlessly endless amount of weapons to each hand (some require both), such as guns(automatics, pistols, shotguns, bows, etc.), close combat weapons (swords, bo's, claws, giant hammers, whips etc.) and many magical weapons. The main bosses of this game are made up of a giant buff golem (man of clay...or rock in this case) with a hammer as big as you and has a bade on the backside of it. A woman who can float in the air and attacks with a spiked whip and some others who i never got up to. You also come across many allies in this game, which include pacifist monks who you help release a dragon who helps you in your quest, an old man who carries a backpack filled with explosives and a sniper rifle, a woman who is your main allie, a giant purple guy, and prison escapees. The levels in this game are well made and the objectives surrounding them are quite good too. You get to escape a prison, protect a castle, invade a castle, climb a pretty large tower, etc. This is why I decided on giving this game the Most Underrated Game (or game you probably never heard) of Every Other Week Award.

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