Friday, August 17, 2007

Super Smash Dojo weekly update round-up 8/13 - 8/17

I'm sure many of you are more than hyped for a little game called "Super Smash bros. Brawl", set to be released December 3 2007. If you've been keeping up with the site Smash Bros Dojo, then your well aware of the following updates.

The first major announcement was that of a new Smash bros. combatant:


To be honest, at first I thought he seemed to be completely out of place in a Smash Bros. game. However after reading the details, I'm interested to see how game play turns out. The Pokemon trainer does not fight directly, instead he relies on his team of Charizard, Ivysaur, and Squirtle to do the fighting for him. He can apparantly switch his team out at will, but according to various sources, switching too much will cause some sort of stamina meter to suffer. Again, I'm quite interested to see how this is going to affect game play.

The second (and most recent) major announcement was that of returning character:


Not really much to say about this, except, umm... Peach is in!

The third announcement is that of a new assist trophy :


Apparantly, all he does is cause the screen to... move.

And lastly, we have the announcement of a new form of collecting :


Apparantly you can put them... anywhere. And from the screenshot it looks as if you can collect them in game, just like trophies.

Thats all for this week's update, I guess I'll try and do this every week.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Gphoria 2007 part 2

Best Action Game went to Gears of War

Best RPG
went to Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Most Original Game
went to Dead Rising

Best Multiplayer Game
went to Gears of War Best Handheld Game went to Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl

Strides Longest Lasting Game Award
went to Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Most Deserving of a Uwe Boll Movie
went to Red Steel

Best System
went to the Xbox 360

Lastly, Game of the Year went to Gears of War (how surprising) and that concludes this years Gphoria 2007 feature N4G : News for Gamers

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

List of Video game Movies *taken from wikipedia*

In Production
Development Hell

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Monday, August 13, 2007

GPhoria 2007 part 1

As many of you may or may not know Gphoria is an annual gaming award show on G4TV thats is pretty much like the grammys of videos games without all the sideshow stuff. This show gave away various awards from categories such as Best Rpg to Best Soundtrack, and the votes are polled from online by gamers, and please note that these are unofficial awards. The award winners are as follows:

Best Voice Over was the Might Rasta aka "Cole Train"(Gears of War) ,

Best Soundtrack went to Guitar Hero ,

Best Graphics went to Gears of War

The Best Downloadable Content goes to Elder Scrolls IV: The Shivering Isles

Best New Character went to Marcus Fenix of Gears of War

Hottest Babe goes to Kasumi from Dead or Alive

Best Strategy Game goes to Command and Conquer 3

And the Best Sports Game went to Wii Sports(yes....thats not an error it was Wii Sports),

Second half to be posted soon

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Madden Feature

One of the most popular games of our time is about to come out with a new addition of its series in a matter of days...this series is know as MADDEN!! Madden debuted, if I remember correctly around 1985. [Ed. note: It debuted as John Madden Football, and did not feature licensed teams]. In fact licensed teams were not included until Madden NFL '94. As time progressed and so did technology, Madden evovled from it's 8 bit debut to 3-dimensions with the release of Madden 64. Throughout this time new modes were added such as quick play, season, exhibition, and mini games and an online mode were people could test their skills with players over the world. In my opinion, this may very well be were the Madden craze hit its peak. After awhile fans became bored with the routine of call play, tackle, repeat, and hardcore football fans were tired of the lack of depth in the "playcalling". In response, EA decided to put a little thing called "playmaker" control for the 04 iteration of the series. This added far more realism to the game by adding pre-snap adjustments with both offense and defense. EA wouldn't stop here though. They forever changed history with the ever famous phrase "hit stick" I don't know about you but you can't play a game of football, basketball, golf, or tennis without saying HIT STICK once or twice. This allows users to make a crushing hit on defense in an attempt to break loose the ball from weak running backs, full backs, QBs, WRs, the works. Hey but why give the defense all the fun the very next year another history changing term was invented "truck stick". This let anyone with the ball put the pain on a weak defensive player by putting their shoulder down and bringing THE PAIN!! They also created Superstar mode which gave many people the chance to be a football player in the NFL and work their way up the legend ladder and not have to worry about any lawsuits such as dog fighting, drug bust, or stabbing, its all clean. There was also the QB vision which in my opinion is great but since people don't like having to do what exactly the QB does and LOOK at the receiver BEFORE he throws it they decided to get rid of it.... pansies. With the 07 installment of the game they added Hit Stick 2.0, errr i mean Highlight Stick. The difference is that instead of Randy Moss trucking Ray Lewis now he dodges him in some agile animation. Lead block control was added too basically take control of a lineman cut block everyone you see, pancaking is overrated. Now with the 08 version, there's the smart passer which can read the defense after they ran the pay four time; the Bullet passer self explanatory, The accurate passer, the the power back, speed back, elusive back, run blocker, pass blocker, possession receiver, and hands receiver, and i believe distance and accuracy kicker( i could be wrong). ON defense you got yourself the hit crusher, the run stopper, pass stoper, umm pass jammer, smart line backer same as smart QB can read the defense after play has been run four times, and others i can't seem to remember. So theres a little info on this game that has become a cultural phemonem know as the Madden game series.

HUGE Halo 3 Ending Rumor

O.k. as you may know, I find most rumors off message boards, and this one I found is HUGE. Now, The actual chances of it being true are 1,000 to 1, but its still a VERY interesting theory.

Taken from the Gametrailers message board, it's way to long and detailed for me to try and summarize, therefore I'm just providing a link.

Check it out, Remember though this is a rumor, it may in fact turn out to be true, therefore if you DO NOT want to be spoiled, I don't recommend you click . And as always, take this with a grain, no take this with a BARREL of salt :

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

[Dead] Xbox live 12 month card only 39.99 at circuit city

Many of you have probably seen this in this week's sales paper, but in case you haven't, 12 month live gold cards are on sale at Circut City for $39.99.


N4G : News for Gamers

Xbox 360 consoles WITH HDMI now being shipped from Amazon

Yes, Amazon is now selling Xbox 360 consoles with HDMI.

Heres a shortcut link: Xbox 360 with HDMI (from Amazon)
and heres the official Link :

and here's a pic of the page:

(I have to find a better screen capture program)

Well enjoy your new HDMI 360's!

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The greatest MMORPG ever made.

No im not talking about World of Warcraft...for all I care that horse crap game can go die in a ditch somewhere...I'm talking about Star Wars Galaxies. This game has everything you could want in an mmorpg and then some. You can be almost every Alien race found in the movie ( I say almost because Hut's are not playable). There are also a load of classes, such as bounty hunter, jedi, medic, mercenary, smuggler, musician, dancer, and many more. This game lets you travel to every planet with many cities on each. There is also a main storyline with loads of side missions to keep you busy. This game contains all of the vehicles found in the movies including X-wings, speeder bikes, flying cars, fighter ships, yachts etc. You can also choose to be an imperial or a rebel. It even has pets which are able to fight, that can also be ridden. This game has so many different features that it would take me hours to write about them. So these are just a speck in the world of star wars...UP YOURS WORLD OF WARCRAFT!!!!

[Ed. note: Ryan, next time, USE PROPER GRAMMAR, so I don't have to fix up your articles!]

Most Underrated Game (or game you probably never heard) of the Every Other Week Award

       I was at gamestop for my birthday buying some stuff a few years ago when i noticed i only had $10 left, i looked for some game worth that much and I didn't even care if it sucked or not (because I had bought the crouching tiger hidden dragon game, not knowing how bad it sucked and it set me back $15 or so dollars). I saw this game called New Legends and it looked pretty cool, to my suprise it was only $7! This is when I started having second thoughts, but I bought it anyways. Needless to say, this game exceeded my standards. In the game you play as a prince who's father's palace is ambushed and he is killed by the invading army, leading you on a quest for revenge. You can equip a seamlessly endless amount of weapons to each hand (some require both), such as guns(automatics, pistols, shotguns, bows, etc.), close combat weapons (swords, bo's, claws, giant hammers, whips etc.) and many magical weapons. The main bosses of this game are made up of a giant buff golem (man of clay...or rock in this case) with a hammer as big as you and has a bade on the backside of it. A woman who can float in the air and attacks with a spiked whip and some others who i never got up to. You also come across many allies in this game, which include pacifist monks who you help release a dragon who helps you in your quest, an old man who carries a backpack filled with explosives and a sniper rifle, a woman who is your main allie, a giant purple guy, and prison escapees. The levels in this game are well made and the objectives surrounding them are quite good too. You get to escape a prison, protect a castle, invade a castle, climb a pretty large tower, etc. This is why I decided on giving this game the Most Underrated Game (or game you probably never heard) of Every Other Week Award.

What is Halo 3 Epsilon?

Many of you may have noticed that within the past couple of days certain Bungie and Microsoft employees have been playing a little game called "Halo 3 Epsilon". While I cannot say for certain, using some logic and common sense would lead on to believe that this is indeed a build of Halo 3 that is practically the final build. It is common knowledge that games go through different testing phase names, most commonly Alpha, BETA, and I've heard that it can go higher. Well after doing a bit of research on wikipedia, I found out that Epsilon is the 5th letter of the Greek alphabet. Thus, It has led me to believe that this "epsilon" is the final stage before the FINAL Halo 3 build. I'm sure others have come to the same conclusion as I have, therefore it leads me to believe that what I speculate is more or less true. Unless of course Bunjie has one more secret up their sleeves, and the real title of "Halo 3" is "Halo 3 : Epsilon".

Also check out This email I found at, which all but confirms mine, and nearly everyone's thoughts on what this mysterious Halo 3 Epsilon is.