Sunday, December 9, 2007

Assassins Creed Review

I recently bought Assassins Creed and its a great game with big twists, one at the very begining which i wont spoil for those who dont already know. It also has some problems, one which really halts the gameplay. Assassins Creed is about an assassin named Altair who works for an Assassins guild. The game starts off slow as your bombarded with dialogue, but it picks up shortly after. You can travel to 4 different cities, and gives you open ended exploration. In these towns you have to climb view points to get sight of the where your objectives are on the map. Once you do this the points appear on your map. You then complete these objectives to gain information about your hit, so you get the approval of the owner of the assassins bureau in each town. The missions are the same for each town and each hit, Informant-speak to a fellow brother and do something for him to get info from him (silently killing his enemies, or collecting flags). Eavesdrop-sit on a bench and listen to a persons conversation. Interrogation- beat the hell out of someone for info, then kill em. Pickpocket- i dont have to explain that one. Save the Citizen- this one isnt mandatory to do, but u get people to distract guards for you if you ever get in trouble. This leads to the biggest problem in the game, it gets extremely repetitive. It will dampen the experience for you, and makes the game get old too fast. And it glitches, not frequently, but enough to be a problem. If you are able to ignore this major downfall, then you will love this game and its a game for you. To summarize this game is very good, but has hitches that can possible kill the experience for you. I give Assassins Creed for the Xbox 360 a 3.5/5.
-Ryan Falla

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J.C said...

wow i love this game but i couldnt agree with you more. And btw your my favorite poster keep up the good work