Thursday, August 9, 2007

1st post

Hello, welcome to the Video gaming report, and thank you for reading this. I've always enjoyed reading gaming blogs, so I figured why not start one, this IS free after all. Well, Like most gaming blogs, I do plan to bring the latest industry news, as soon as I hear it. I've got some reviews I' writing right now, so i'll try to get those up...though they are a bit...OLD. I highly doubt this is going to become big or anything, I mean if your already going to other gaming blogs and sites for news, WHY come here? my answer: You must have accidentally stumbled upon it! Now that your here though, please feel free to give me any feedback, good or bad it will be greatly appreciated, I always like to hear the public opinion.

Well, Expect a quick nintendo update soon, the top 20 most downloaded virtual console games are up.

Until then,
Silent Beeker

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