Saturday, August 11, 2007

Is Rock Band really "Rock Band"?

       Many of you people already know with the ever popular Guitar Hero series and recent events splitting up Harmonix and Red Octane a new game has been born. This game is called Rock band. With announcements of being able to play guitar, bass, sing, and play drums, many people have had to change their pants/skirts/shorts and whatnot. And I’m very pleased in what Red Octane and Harmonix has accomplished, turning a whole generation onto rock, metal, classical and guitar playing in general. What worries me is though whether or not this will do anything to get the creative juices flowing in their minds. Sure its fun to play a game like this but if your anything like me playing the same riff on expert over and over again can be tedious. But Rock Band does give you the option to “jam” after you successfully complete a song (this is rumored from what I understand)[ed. From the video's I've seen this is confirmed]. But even this is not a complete jam because jamming comes from the inside maybe this is just me as a fellow musician speaking, but when will there, be if ever some freedom in these types of games? Its also been said that if you can play drums on hard you can pretty much play em in real life. I say this then : buy Rock Band save some money, then go and buy yourself a real instrument and break the chains…. Unless you like being strapped down by corporate America. So go out buy Rock Band or Guitar Hero III(its got Number of the Beast By Iron Maiden) then buy yourself a real instrument so you don’t have to wait another year praying they release your favorite song. hmm which one should i play....? THIS ONE!!! it'll get you laid faster.


Lenka said...

Well written article.

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I think at launch, the game software was made available in a bundle that packaged it together with the instrument peripherals, as well as for purchase separately

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dude, all you need is to buy a REAL guitar and learn how to make a riffing!! Trust me, it's much better thatn play on a virtual guitar!