Friday, August 10, 2007

Rock Band priced $199.99.

According to, Rock Band will cost $199, and there will be no wireless controllers for the Xbox 360 (their source was an annonymous microsoft employee). However the PS3 and Wii guitar controllers will indeed be wireless.

I personally cannot wait until the November 6th release date, though the $200 price tag is a bit steep, It does include the guitar, drums, microphone, and game. I guess if you break it all down it is reasonable, but well, the price seems like it will scare off a lot of "casual" gamers (by that I mean all those mom's who have no clue about the games they buy for their kids) who will most likely purchase the cheaper Guitar Hero 3 instead. Regardless, both Rock band and Guitar Hero 3 look awesome.


Anonymous said...

wait i'm a casual gamer!! NO!!!!

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